Nymphaea Alba water lily

Nymphaea Alba water lily

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Nymphaea Alba water lily pond plant -

  • hardy
  • UK native
  • white flowered plant that is
  • the Nymphaea Alba water lily pond plant is suitable for your large pond or lake.
  • large 17 – 22cm flowers and
  • leaves of 20 – 30cm, it
  • requires extra planting depth because it will eventually take over your pond!
  • fast growing but looks the part

Name: Alba

Type: Water lily - Nymphaea

Colour: white-yellow

Leaf size: 20 – 30cm

Flower width: 17 – 22cm

Total spread: 180 – 240cm

Planting depth: 30 – 150cm

Light requirements: Partial - full Sun

Bloom time: Early to late Summer

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